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  • Why do you create art ?
    My quest on this planet is to inspire people all over the world to connect with the invisible part of life, to connect with that which drives us, to the source of all ideas, movement and action. For as long as I can remember, I have always felt a very strong connection with 'the other side'. I have always been intrigued by dreams, space, the realm of magic and the beyond. This particular interest made me look up and be inspired by all visionaries, poets, writers, philosophers, scientists, visual and music artists that were translating exactly that essence from the otherworldly part of existence. So in most of my work I visualize exactly that theme in various forms.
  • What does 'limited edition' mean ?
    A 'limited edition' is a piece of art which is hand signed and numbered by the artist, for example : 3/25. The first number is the number of the print itself. The second number is the total number of prints the artist will print of that specific artwork for each size and material. The lower the second number is, the more valuable and collectible the limited editions are because of their scarcity. Each limited edition print will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that details the number of the print, size and material of the edition, as well as the artists signature, holographic logo sticker and thumbprint in order to avoid counterfeit prints.
  • How does your creation process look like ?
    Each series can require a different creation process. For example the following process was required for each artwork from the "Visions & Portals" , "Cosmosis" and "Memories of Distant Worlds" collections. 3D sculpting in VR - which is a funky preparation for the geometrical elements of the artwork ( Tiltbrush / Openbrush ) video animation + geometry + AR effects ( Vegas Pro / After Effects ) AI prompting ( Stable Infusion / Midjourney ) upscaling and preparation of AI output ( Magnific / Topaz ) 2D painting - to combine all elements ( Photoshop / Wacom screen ) AR layers ( Artivive app )
  • Can you tell us a bit more about the 1/1 hand-embellished editions ?
    We are offering the option to order one highly unique, hand embellished canvas print per artwork, which goes into production from the moment of your purchase. From that moment on this option will be disabled and marked as "Sold Out" for that specific artwork. We will be working over a span of minimum 3 weeks on this exclusive version with a set of acrylic paints from a selection of UV reactive and metallic colors. We added this option for the following 3 reasons : we want to offer you a highly unique 1/1 luxury edition to keep ourselves in touch with the analog medium ( I have been painting with oils and acrylics since 1999 ) this feature was requested by our customers who saw me paint on a digital print at the Ozora Festival in 2018. This was way before we were offering limited edition prints of our artworks. So there are 3 editions of the "Hummingbird of Paradise" out there. ( not available in this shop ) The first went to Switzerland, the second flew to California USA, and the third shipped to Germany.
  • How will you ship the artworks ?
    Fine Art Prints and the 'canvas-only' option are rolled and shipped in a cardboard tube. The 'un-assembled' canvas option ( which comes with the unassembled wooden/aluminium hybrid museum quality frame ) is shipped in 2 cardboard tubes. Plexiglass prints and the 'pre-stretched' canvas option are carefully wrapped in film and protective foam and shipped in a sturdy box.
  • What are the main influences that shaped your vision ?
    Visionary artists : Salvador Dali, Gaudi, M.C. Esher, the entire Art Nouveau and Jugenstil period, H.R. Giger, Android Jones, Eloh Projects, ... Writers and Speakers : Lobsang T. Rampa, Carlos Castaneda, Terence Mc Kenna, Richard Bach, ... Music artists : Shpongle, Ott, Tipper, Bluetech, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, ...
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