Natural Warp

Memories of Distant Worlds

This series consists of visions created in collaboration with machines and other beings from the beyond.

Short Description :

With this collection I bring into the light a long forgotten world which I carried within me unknowingly for 45 years long.

This realm manifested itself in sync with the lost emotion in memory of my prenatal trauma - the loss of my twin brother and sister a.k.a. The Vanishing Twin Syndrome

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Beings in one dimension have a strong connection to a single being in another dimension.

Sometimes they can reach him but for most of the time he lives his life, totally unaware of their existence and love for him.



Both worlds have their own rhythms, their own dusk and their own dawn, but they remain forever in contact through an invisible field of connectedness.



Focus, pay attention, follow the signs and you might find the realms behind the veil. A place where many have stumbled upon but very few have brought something back from.



The sweetness lies hidden in the subtle patterns of the everyday life, lush fields of knowledge and wisdom are ready to be harvested by anyone who knows how to plant and nourish the seeds.



One moment, Two suns, Three sons and a wonderful world. Each on their own path. Planets are ripening, almost ready to reap.



Ancestors looking back to the ever unfolding creation. Time continues telling the story of love and the beyond ...



On a far set landscape a liquid cocoon just left it's nurturing surface ready to take on it's personal journey throughout the multiverse.



Visiting intergalactic cities as refreshing breaks in the voyage of our souls.



The memory of birth, the liberation into a new world, especially when entangled in the experience of imminent death, never comes without quite unfathomable trauma.



Alone, together, alone again, ... looking for connection everywhere, unraveling the mysteries of the universe, finding the self in every aspect holographically.



Even a tiny shift in perspective can sculpt horrific & eerie sounds into an everlasting jam session chiming in unison with the cosmic soul.



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