Natural Warp


In ‘Omnipresence,’ a profound energy emanates from the artwork, enveloping the observer in an undeniable aura.

This pervasive force seems to penetrate the intricate web of interconnected patterns, the very essence of the universe. It imparts a profound message — that the universe is ever-watchful, eternally aware, and intimately connected with you.

As you stand before this masterpiece, you cannot escape the sensation of being observed, not just by the artwork itself but by the universe as a whole. ‘Omnipresence’ beckons you to contemplate the proof and interplay between observer and observed in the grand tapestry of existence.

NFT : 1/1 edition
Physical : 1/1 edition UV Print on acryl — 160 x 80 cm
Price : 7500€

Omnipresence at ftNFT