Natural Warp


In ‘Omnipotence,’ a profound energy emanates from the artwork, enveloping the observer in an undeniable aura.

This pervasive force seems to penetrate the intricate web of interconnected patterns, the very essence of the universe. It embodies the essence of limitless power, an unyielding force that moulds and shapes the cosmos.

As you stand before this masterpiece, you are invited to witness the boundless potential that propels creation and transformation. ‘Omnipotence’ beckons you to contemplate the profound interplay between power and the grand tapestry of existence, offering a glimpse into the infinite possibilities woven into the fabric of the universe.

NFT : 1/1 edition
Physical : 1/1 edition UV Print on acryl — 160 x 80 cm
Price : 7500€

Omnipotence at ftNFT