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Omnipresence on ftNFT

‘Cosmosis’ is a new series of artworks focused on capturing the observer in the moment while suggesting transcendence of the human experience.

The first three artworks : ‘Omnipresence’, ‘Omniscience’, and ‘Omnipotence’ act as a portal and open the path to a better future.

They are exhibited in the Fastex ftNFT Phygital Store at Chinatown, Dubai Mall.

The exhibition spans from November 1st — 15th, 2023.

The three 1/1 editions are available at the ftNFT Marketplace

Omniscience on ftNFT

In the heart of the ‘Cosmosis’ collection lies a profound exploration of the interconnectedness of all things. It delves into the intricate fabric of the universe, where every element, pattern, and form are interwoven in a mesmerizing dance of existence.

Through intricate symbolism, ‘Cosmosis’ unveils some unseen layers hidden underneath the surface of reality. It invites contemplation of non-separateness, kindling the spark of sudden self-realization while inviting the clarity of enlightenment.

Omnipotence on ftNFT

These artworks serve as portals into a realm where the observer becomes the observed, where time and space dissolve, and where the mysteries of existence unfold.

‘Cosmosis’ whispers a timeless message, reminding us of the eternal connection that threads through the tapestry of the cosmos. Each piece in this collection is a testament to my quest to capture the essence of the universe, offering viewers a glimpse into the profound interplay between observer and observed in the grand symphony of life.


Why Dubai ?

I have always been captivated by the profound wisdom of ancient geometry and its enduring influence on art and architecture across diverse cultures. From the precise structures of Ancient Egypt to the mathematical brilliance of Greek thinkers and the awe-inspiring designs of Islamic architects, these patterns have exhibited not only structural integrity but also deep spiritual and aesthetic significance.

Geometry, in its purest form, serves as the visual language that allows the human mind to perceive the inherent order and harmony within Creation — a manifestation of the mathematical patterns that underlie humanity, nature, and the cosmos.

During my first visit to Dubai earlier this year, I was reminded to the enchanting world of the Mashrabiya Patterns. They deeply resonated with me and I experienced these patterns as the missing piece in the tapestry of daily life in Western society, notably absent from our architectural landscapes. It was an epiphany, a moment of revelation, where I recognized that my artistic journey could serve as a bridge between these two distinct cultures.

As an artist, I am driven to infuse the essence of these ancient geometric traditions into my work, fostering a fusion of cultures that transcends borders and connects people through a shared visual language and symbolism. My presence in the United Arab Emirates signifies not merely an artistic endeavour but a profound commitment to bridging gaps and celebrating the rich heritage of both worlds.


Cosmosis WEB VR Exhibition : parcel 590

Cosmosis WEB VR exhibition in Somnium Space

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Cosmosis NFT collection on ftNFT marketplace


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