Natural Warp

When Worlds Collide

Once upon a time - before the world we live in truly existed - there were 2 places.

These places - both literally the opposite of each other in any way - started to attract one another and started to move towards the other. On the day their event horizon met, a beautiful spectacle was visible throughout the entire universe.

"When Worlds Collide" is an attempt to describe this unique moment of absolute celebration.


This 360° #NFT is for example directly usable in SomniumSpace VR where it can be read directly from your wallet containing your crypto assets, placed onto your virtual estate and be visited by you and anyone that has access to that virtual place.

Visit the showcase venue here 👉 SomniumWEB parcel 752 👈 Enjoy your Stay !!!


and get this additional piece airdropped in your wallet as a token of appreciation

which you can check in this collection on opensea : Intertwined 360° Revelations


Rare Digital Ownership :

The owner of this 360° NFT 1/1 edition has the right to claim the full resolution 24K file.

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